This vibrant Turmeric Rice pre-cooked making it an easy side dish perfect for brightening up your dinner. We use Basmati Rice making it extra healthy and Vegan. Parboiled* Basmati rice with turmeric and other spices, HPP (high pressure pasteurization) treated, no preservatives, no extra heating, same taste, flavor & nutrition as home cooked food, HPP enables shelf-life of 90 days for Curry sauces, 60 days for entrees and 30 days for Nutrigget, Turmeric rice and Meals in 3 minutes – all in refrigeration (40F). Once you open the wrap or seal, use within 10 days, you can freeze it for longer shelf-life

Parboiled* Basmati Rice, Turmeric, Sunflower Oil, Salt and Spices (Parboiled Basmati rice has GI of 38 against 56 for Brown rice, 89for White rice)

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Turmeric Basmati Rice, Pre-Cooked, 16oz


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