The Curry Fresh Team

Below you’ll find our dedicated management team. Not pictured are our hard-working production managers, supervisors, and plant workers who are the foundation of our daily operations. Or the investors, the advisors who had supported and guided the founders since their food journey starting in 2009.

We owe our special gratitude to 3 persons – Ms Devita Davison (Foodlab Detroit), Late Mr Jack Aronson (Garden Fresh Salsa) and Ms Becky DeYoung (MSU Product Center).

Priya Ranjan & Navnita Dass, Founders

While working at Domino’s Pizza HQ for his MBA project, Priya always wondered that why there is no Indian restaurant chain anywhere. He used to get Domino’s pizza for his daughters in Kolkata, India just 2 miles away from their residence. They started with a typical Indian restaurant in Ypsilanti, Michigan in 2009. In 2016, they came across HPP which pushed them to packaged Indian food journey. The switch to packaged food is Navnita’s brainchild and she is instrumental  in positioning Curry Fresh as a  women empowered global vegan food brand. Curry Fresh can boast of 80% plus women employees in its rank.

Priya holds an MBA from Ross School of Business, University of Michigan (fellow at Tauber Institute of Global Operations) and Navnita holds a Masters in Commerce from Tilkamanjhi Uinversity, India. 

Catherine Vieira, CEO

Catherine is a seasoned professional with over three decades of corporate experience, having worked for industry giants such as PepsiCo and Procter & Gamble

Her journey with Curry Fresh began in 2020, and she has been instrumental in propelling the company forward with her unwavering dedication and belief in the brand’s concept and products.

Raised in Connecticut, Catherine’s affinity for Indian culture and cuisine was fostered early on, thanks to her Indian neighbors and her children’s friendships within the Indian community. This personal connection to the culture has only strengthened her commitment to Curry Fresh.

Catherine earned her MBA from Boston College, a BA in Finance from Northeastern University, and expanded her understanding of the food industry by participating in a Food Executive program at Cornell University

Her robust academic background, coupled with her extensive professional experience, makes her an invaluable asset to the Curry Fresh team.

Angshuman Dutta, Head Chef

After working at various cruise ships like Princess etc, he came to US as a part of an Indian restaurant chain in New York comprising Dhaba,Tadka, Malabar Hills etc. He joined our venture in 2009 and has been able to carry the legacy of our founder chef Late Pandit Panna Lal Sharma, chef to Late Mrs Indira Gandhi, the former Prime minister of India. He could easily be among top 5 Indian chefs in the US.

He holds a diploma in hotel management from SIHM, Kalyani, India.

Important Notice – TAPS (Turmeric Assisted Pressure Sterilization) is the first stance of ‘fresh mummification’ of packaged RTE food which keeps the original taste, flavor and nutrients intact for a long period in the deli/chiller (40F) without any preservatives or retort cooking or frozen storage. The frozen mummification consumes 2.5 times more energy and results in loss of taste and flavor.
Our patent is pending under PCT, valid for 120 countries. TAPS is a brand-new technology and HPP (high pressure processing) also needs very careful handling. No one is authorized to discuss or share TAPS or related technology without the written permission of the founders.
If anyone is indulging in the usage of TAPS or similar products like Curry Fresh without the permission and direct guidance of the founders, any mishap or incident with respect to the customers/other stakeholders must not be blamed on the founders.