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We are committed to making everyday foods extraordinary by bringing out flavors and promoting a healthier lifestyle.

We provide preferred processing and packaging solutions for our products to ensure they are safe and healthy.

We are committed to innovation, understanding our customers, and our relationships with partners to deliver our products.

We believe in responsible leadership, creating profitable growth in harmony with environmental sustainability and a positive corporate culture

We provide the best products to our customers

5-6 months shelf-life
unlike 15-20 days for most items in Deli/Fresh section

HPP (high pressure pasteurization) enhances taste and nutrition. Keeps sealed containers fresh for 180 days without preservatives. Freeze for even longer shelf life.

HPP helps to both retain nutritional attributes of fresh foods and increase the bioavailability of the nutrition in your food.


Why you should care

Solving the world's problems one meal at a time. We make everyone’s less-meat or meat-less journey affordable, healthy, and delicious.

It's a bottom up approach to help lower our carbon footprints and increase healthy lifestyles.

Ready to Eat - Heat & Enjoy

Plant-based, gluten-free and non-GMO.

Where to buy

Connect with us through our local retail partners or shop online.

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